Bangka Island Locality Blood Pythons
Species: Python brongersmai
Sire: TBC Bang Bang
Dam: TBC Rosalette
Hatch Date: 9 June 2018

This clutch resulted from pairing two of our Bangka Island locality blood pythons.  We intially sold these snakes to another breeder several years ago, and we were fortuitously able to bring them back into our collection last year.  Rosalette ovulated early, as evidenced by several slugs, or immature ova, in her clutch.  Additionally, quite a few of the eggs in this clutch were very lightly veined and ultimately did not survive incubation. Breeding snakes certainly isn't for the faint of heart sometimes!

Fortunately we had 3 beautiful babies hatch from this clutch, including a set of twins.  They are all robust, active, thriving babies, and we're looking forward to seeing them take off and enjoy their first meals in the near future.